Short Review of ‘Bump’ by Kate Evans

Bump by Kate Evans


Kate is an illustrator and mother with an awesome sense of humour. Bump follows her acclaimed breastfeeding book food of love, which is my favourite breastfeeding book to lend to mummies. Bump is published in a similar style with many cartoons to illustrate the reproductive process, pregnancy and childbirth.  All needs are met with this book, for those with a visual need as well as for those with a thirst for information.


She has a ‘choose your own adventure’ theme running through which adds humour and maintains an accessibility that is inclusive to all readers. In my opinion this book should be given to all young girls hitting puberty as it describes the female body and reproduction in a digestible way. Great information on how our hormones can make us feel. This book covers science and emotion and does it very well.


After the fertility section that looks at getting pregnant as well as the fertility awareness method, we come to the pregnancy bit. The pages are full of practical tips for lots of things as well as morning sickness. The humour shines through without belittling any of the issues raised:


“People telling you ‘it’s a good sign, because it means you won’t lose the baby’. This is not necessarily true or appropriate. They should be careful saying annoying things, because you might be sick on them.” Bwah ha ha ha


Kate Evans raises the ideal care in pregnancy is with the same midwife and she follows on in later chapters with how to find independent midwives as well as discussing the research on doulas. Kate covers the politics surrounding birth globally with mention of Agnes Gereb, a midwife (trained obstetrician) who was arrested for supporting women to birth at home and a chapter on birth rights.


One of my favourite chapters is the labour and birth illustration. I am a mother of 3 children and my youngest is almost 16 months so labourland is not such a distant memory. Kate brings the reality and unpredictability of labour back to life for me with humour and love. I am very in love with the roaring lioness birthing mama.


Bump includes Mary Kronk’s phrases.


Have I mentioned how in love I am with this book? I used to recommend Ina May’s Guide to childbirth as top choice for all pregnant women but I think Bump by Kate Evans has trumped this. A must have.

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