Private Antenatal Classes

I have worked as an antenatal teacher for the last 8 years, working in diverse settings, including working with young parents, NCT, freebirthing (unassisted birth) couples and couples planning for natural births using mindfulness techniques. Birth preparation will involve a ‘one off’ hour via Skype/telephone (£30) to establish the history and needs of the couple. Moving forward to booking a ‘one off’ or series of antenatal sessions priced at £60 (plus expenses) for one and a half hours of my time.

Each set of classes is set on an individual basis. Topics may include:

Birth preferences (plans), mindfulness techniques, breathing techniques, working with pain positively, fear release, debriefing previous birth experiences or traumas, the hormones of birth and birth physiology, birth support tools, current legislation supporting birth rights, unassisted birth, lotus birth.

( please note that the above list is not limited or a routine menu of options. Based on the needs of each couple, I will make an individualised plan).

I can offer all antenatal preparation via Skype if preferred and can offer an ‘on call’ service for those wanting doula support via Skype or phone rather than physical presence at their birth.

During labour and birth, a woman becomes very connected to her past in a physical and an emotional way as part of her experience. More often than not, the memory of past trauma resurfaces and can cause obstructions to the labour process if not faced in consciousness. Not only is the woman affected in these scenarios and so part of what i cover is teaching men skills to support their partners through birth.

There are many skills I can bring to support a pregnant woman on her healing journey and enable a partner with skills to support during this period.