About Me

I am a lucky Mum of 3 beautiful children, two of whom were born at home. I have supported at nearly 90 children’s births, predominantly home water births.

My journey as a doula started in 2007 after an empowering homebirth. Having a homebirth felt so normal and yet I was confronted with many challenges. I hired a doula who reflected back my own voice to enable me to trust my instincts and my daughter’s birth became the most amazing experience in my life. I had given birth to my firstborn son, 2 years earlier without much support and the whole experience felt very out of my control and soul-less.

Having a doula to support me through my homebirth enabled me to trust my instincts and follow my dream. She nurtured me through my second birth and gave me the information I needed to make choices and feel listened to.

And this is why I decided to be a doula to support other women to have peaceful and enjoyable life changing birth experiences.

Having a doula gives women support to feel confident about their bodies, their feelings and their decisions at a time of life when contradictory advice can be damaging.

I undertook a preparation course in 2007 with ‘The Birth Consultancy’ (now known as Mindful Doulas) and am now a recognised and experienced birth doula providing postnatal support. I now mentor new doulas with Doula UK and have set up the http://www.redtentdoulas.com preparation course with Nicola Goodall.

I have a DipHe in Antenatal Education, ratified by the University of Bedfordshire in 2010, when I was an antenatal facilitator with the National Childbirth Trust.

I spent much of 2013 wrapping, breastfeeding my third child and managed to attend a few births with him in a sling. I am already trained in Reiki I and II and i am offering reduced price treatments for doula clients.

I am very excited to offer http://www.mizantherapy.com, after it has played a huge part in my fertility journey. I am a strong believer of healing the emotional past and i think Mizan therapy provides a space to do this as well as the added physical benefits of this treatment.

I have attended lectures run by Ina May Gaskin http://www.inamay.com/ ‘Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth’ and Dr Sarah Buckley (http://www.sarahbuckley.com/ ), both inspirational women.

In 2011, I undertook a Birthing from Within ‘Birth Art Course’ with Pam England and become an instructor with the new and exciting ‘Dancing For BirthTM’ http://www.dancingforbirth.com/home.html, see page for more details.

In 2013 I gave birth to my third child, a truly unhindered and undisturbed birth. You can read my story here http://www.parentdish.co.uk/pregnancy-and-birth/lotus-birth-real-life-placenta-attached/

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